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We have encountered many couples that are just not sure about investing on a 'wedding video' for their special day. 

We acknowledge that for years traditional wedding videography was too boring to watch and plain in many ways.

Our approach to the wedding videography is different, we believe in creating 'wedding movies' that allow you to re-play and experience your wedding in first row.

We’ve worked hard to develop a wedding style for our film product that 

is genuinely cool, cinematic and emotive without being too cheesy.

We’ve handcrafted many wedding videos that adopt our distinct style, our story telling,

and create a film narrative which is boldly unique for every couple.

Long after the wedding cake is eaten, your wedding photo albums and wedding video will be the way you revisit some of the best moments of your wedding day. The wedding photo album and wedding video can become keepsakes to be passed down to kids (and grandkids!).


As senior videographers we will ensure to capture your wedding memories for posterity and create a wedding film to take you back to your wedding day and its emotions.

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