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For couples who wish to make their save-the-date something truly memorable, we are ready to get on board and make a movie-like video save-the-date that will catch the eye and will be the start of the couple's journey together.  
video save-the-date Is a fun, shareable way to spread the exciting news with your friends and family. Plus, it's something you can watch for years to come. 
A save-the-date video is a way to share your unique love story with wedding guests who may not know both the bride and groom—and the two of you as a couple. Every couple wants their wedding to be both personal and unforgettable, and a save-the-date video is the perfect way to make both your personalities shine.

Weddings today more than ever are incorporating and including technology—wedding apps, wedding sites, etc. Having a video save-the-date is a fun and interactive way to not only let your guests know when you are getting married, but also share more of yourselves as a couple. Your video should serve as a teaser for the big day, and of course, communicate key details about the wedding.

Decide what you want your audience to get from it. Do you want to tell your story on camera? Do you want it to be music video style? Do you want to make a humorous video? Once you know what you want to convey with your video, we can start planning out the concept.

The ideal length for a save-the-date video is anywhere from 90 seconds to three minutes maximum. Depending on the concept, you can convey the relevant information either through text or by speaking. If the facts are on your wedding website, your video can simply direct people to your site for more details.

And among the things that we have learned to be key when creating a memorable save-the-date video.

Don't Be Shy

Allow your true selves to come across on camera, act like the camera isn't even there. The goal is to keep your audience engaged.

If you're having fun, they will, too! 

Make It Meaningful

There are many ways to make your save-the-date video unique to you. Selecting a filming location that is meaningful to you as a couple is one of them. If you met at college, consider filming on campus. If you have pets, including them in the video is a great idea as well. Diferent shots of the two of you at your favorite places, doing your favorite activities, is also great.

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