Snap of Mel & Eric while recording a video for social media
Snap of Mel & Eric taken by our little girl.

Meli&Eric a.k.a Meric.

We have been married for 10 years, and we live for sincere moments, meaningful relationships and crafting the best love stories everyday.

We would love to help you capture everything you have been dreaming of. The moments, the memories, the happiness and everything in between.  We  are passionate about authentic, real moments, and we want you to remember your day exactly how it felt.

For the past 6 years we have spent much of our time behind our cameras and in post production. 100+ productions: Weddings, Save The Date, Engagement Shoots, family portraits and editorial productions have taken us to many places and we have met beautiful people. We still keep in touch with and many of them and they have become dear friends to us. 


We are based in San José, Costa Rica, yes, the paradise on earth :) 

If you have ever wanted to visit, come! We can help you plan your destination wedding too!

Photography has taken us as far as Rome, Florence and London.  The world is a small place now!

We are excited to serve couples in the U.S.

We are spending the  Wedding Season in Chattanooga TN this coming May '19.  

We love to travel so wherever you are, we would like to hear from you and your wedding plans. 

We will be honored to be part of your special day! 

We believe the best way to meet is for coffee, we love coffee!

Also, by phone,  email or Skype call, it  will work for us! 

Meet The Team


Senior Photographer 

Meli loves Sushi, the beach and spending time with our little Priya.


Senior Videographer 

Coffee Addict, day dreamer, modern history lover and proud Dad.


U.S Business Manager 

She loves family, animals and

to find beauty in the simple things.

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